Recently, I plan to make my gaming PC (Intel NUC Hades Canyon) as my major workstation. I installed Hac-mini in this PC and it works pretty well.

Basically, I bought two SSD disks (Sumsung 970 EVO Plus) and one for Windows 10 and another for MacOSX. The installation is pretty simple, bake the image and install with USB.

Once I installed both, I patched Mac with OpenCore so that it can boot dual OS. But I found the boot args are not working as my expectation: the default order I hope should be Windows 10 and timeout is too short.

This is what I did to modify these args.

  • run these commands in administrative command prompt:
list disk
select disk 0
list partition
select partition 1
assign letter=e

Now I mount it to E disk. I have to kill explorer.exe and relaunch explorer from admistrative command so that I can access the files in EFI disk. If the opencore is installed in the same disk of current OS, you can also mount it with `mountvol e: /s` and unmount with `mountvol e: /d`.

If you cannot access the drive, use Explorer++ program

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