I am a Java/Frontend/Golang Developer with over 10 years enterprise-level application development experience. Low key, pragmatic, skeptical, late-bloomer, acting more than talking and probably not as smart as I think I am. He/ him. I love:

  • peaceful life;
  • reading; blogging;
  • travelling sometimes;
  • studying history;
  • playing video games (big fan of city builder games like Cities: Skyline, Anno 1800, The Sims, Tropico)
  • and getting jealous of people who can sing, dance, or paint.

I have learned a lot since I’ve started blogging, so I might contradict views I’ve previously expressed. I always reserve the right to change my mind, so don’t be surprised if I do.

I am at the bottom of the world, welcome to the South Pacific and the land of the long white cloud - New Zealand.

Find me on Github: Chao Yang (@chaoyangnz)